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EPIC™ 6 Docking Station


Are the EPIC Docking Stations the same docks as the LocknCharge USB-C Dell docking kits and EPIC Docking Carts?

Yes, the dock in the docking kits and in the EPIC Docking Carts are the same docks as the EPIC Docking Stations.

Does the EPIC Docking Station provide device security?

No. This station is designed for convenient charging and access to devices. If security is important to you, please view other LocknCharge solutions.

I have dual USB-C ports on my Dell Chromebook, does it matter which I use to charge?

Yes, the correct way to charge your Dell 3100 Chromebook with dual USB-C ports is with the Dell Logo upright and facing the right side of the dock.

What keeps the Chromebook from rubbing on the sides of the Dock?

This Dock has been pre-treated with a long-life, low-friction film. Some cleaning agents may prematurely reduce the effectiveness of this film. If excessive friction occurs, please contact customer support.


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