LocknCharge is excited to offer the Putnam 16 Charging Station for Education customers exclusively through Apple. The new Putnam 16 stores, charges and secures up to 16 iPad devices, and features a color-coded LED charging status display. With the release of this new product, we are offering qualified customers the opportunity to try out the product at no cost. 


Terms & Conditions

  • Customer must be actively seeking a charging/storage solution for an existing or upcoming iPad deployment of 100 or more devices.
  • Customer completes the online form and agrees to provide feedback to LocknCharge after four weeks of testing.
  • The Putnam Charging Station is considered a gift with no expectation of return. Customer must acknowledge that receipt of this gift complies with district policies.
  • If customer decides to return the Putnam Charging Station, it is their responsibility to maintain original packaging. LocknCharge will facilitate return of the unit.
  • The Putnam Charging Station will be covered under the standard warranty.