JNUC 2020 & LocknCharge

Mobile device charging, security and sanitization solutions for iOS deployments in a virtual and touch-free world.

Taking Your iOS Deployments to the Next Level

You rely on Jamf for digital asset management, and you can rely on LocknCharge for your physical asset management and device sanitization.

Key Solutions for iOS

At JNUC we presented several options that are perfect for securing, charging and managing your fleet of iOS devices.

Zero-Touch Deployments

Improve your device workflow with the LocknCharge FUYL Tower + Cloud. Whether you would like to automate check in/check Out, break fix or a Loaner device program–FUYL Tower is a complete hardware and software solution to efficiently charge, store, secure and manage workflow for devices.

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Compact iOS Charging

The Putnam Charging Station makes iOS device charging and security a breeze to implement. The station comes pre-wired with MFi-approved lightning cables, saving on upfront costs and the cost of replacement cables. It also features an external LED charging status display to know which devices are charged and includes an integrated combination lock so there are no keys to worry about. Based on LocknCharge data, our customers’ average ROI on Putnam is 12-18 months.

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Touchless Sanitization

Did you know mobile devices carry 18x more bacteria than a public restroom? UVone offers zero-touch, 360-degree disinfection for tablets, phones and mobile devices to a 5-log* kill in just 30 seconds. The station is proven to kill SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Quickness and ease of use increase hygiene compliance in any industry to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.

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Save Time Distributing

Easily transport iPads anywhere within your organization in our exclusive Baskets by LocknCharge. Included with the iQ 10 Charging Station or iQ 10 Sync Charge Station, they make device distribution more efficient. This compact station takes up minimal space and can easily be mounted to a wall.

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*Kill rate claims are based on data conducted by accredited laboratories. Visit www.lockncharge.com/UVone-testing-data for more information. Complete testing data available upon request.

Benefits of LocknCharge

Compatible and Secure

We have a solution to charge, store and secure just about any mobile device out there.

Efficient Workflow

Our goal is to save your employees time by allowing for efficient device management, charging and distribution of devices.

Small Footprint

We design our products to take up the least amount of space possible–which means your charging solution will fit into your current floor plan.

Customer Support that Goes Above and Beyond

Our US-based Customer Support Team will help solve any issue you may have with your LocknCharge product. Plus, a dedicated support website empowers you with valuable resources to easily troubleshoot common questions.

Lifetime Warranty Logo
Durable Products & Lifetime Warranties

Our products are made with high-quality components and most are backed by a lifetime warranty unmatched in the market, protecting your device investment without worry. Visit lockncharge.com/warranty for complete warranty details.

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