Quick Benefits

  • 99.999% Bacteria Reduction*
  • UVone reduces SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, by 99.99%*
  • 360-Degree Disinfection
  • Disinfects in Just 30 Seconds
  • Six Times Quicker Than Wipes
  • Sleek, Compact Design
  • Touchless, Motion-Activated Door
  • 25,000 Hours (3 million uses) of Bulb Life

Zero-touch, 360-degree disinfection for tablets, phones and mobile devices to a 5-log* kill in just 30 seconds.

The Simplest and Fastest Way to Disinfect Mobile Devices

UVone makes device disinfection compliance convenient and easy. Reduce the spread of hospital-acquired infections in just 30 seconds by following these simple steps with our zero-touch UVone UV disinfection for mobile devices.

To open, wave hand above station.

Place your device inside so it rests on the glass.

Wave hand above station to close, and wave again to begin disinfection cycle.

The display indicates your device is being disinfected.

Wave hand over sensor to open once your device is disinfected.

To close, wave hand above station.

99.999% Bacteria Reduction*. Effective UV-C light disinfects to a 5-log kill, reducing the colony to 10 MRSA bacterium after a 99.999%* reduction. UVone reduces SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, by 99.99%*–which is 10x more effective than leading disinfecting wipes. With touchless sensors, users never physically touch the station, reducing cross contamination. You can learn more about our testing here

Rapid UV-C Technology Disinfects in Just 30 Seconds.Mobile device sanitization for healthcare workers continues to be an on-going issue for hospitals trying to reduce the spread of HAIs. UVone is specifically designed for quickness and ease of use, encouraging busy healthcare professionals to change their daily behavior, thus increasing hygiene compliance long term.

Six Times Quicker Than Traditional Wipes.To be effective, traditional wipes can take upwards of three minutes to disinfect, while UVone UV disinfection for mobile devices works in just 30 seconds. UV-C light disinfection in hospitals is more reliable and efficient than wipes–plus, it does not degrade the integrity of devices over time.


Disinfecting Wipes vs. UVone Disinfection Station

How long does it take to properly disinfect mobile devices?


Today’s statistics on mobile device hygiene in healthcare:




102 Minutes


Average number of patients seen by a GP every day in an NHS General Practice setting.1

Hand hygiene compliance rates for NHS healthcare providers in 2016.2

Percentage of US healthcare workers’ smartphones that were still contaminated AFTER being disinfected improperly with wipes.3

Minutes saved every day by disinfecting devices with UVone vs. wipes for a healthcare worker who sees 41 patients/day (data below).

Percentage of survey responders who preferred the workflow and use of UV-C disinfection over wipes.3

When used properly, germicidal wipes and UV-C disinfection both result in significant bacteria reduction.4 Where many healthcare institutions fall short is not in access to disinfection supplies but in compliance, primarily due to heavy workloads and lack of time for healthcare workers. Studies show that devices used in the clinical setting can become easily colonised with bacteria unless they are routinely cleaned after each patient encounter.4 It is clear that routine cleaning of mobile devices between each patient interaction considerably reduces the transfer of potentially harmful bacteria, not dissimilar to the routine used for hand hygiene compliance. However, healthcare workers do not have 3-10 minutes between each patient to properly disinfect their device using wipes. So the question is, how much time can be expected of nursing staff, physicians, etc. to spend disinfecting their devices between every patient encounter?

To properly disinfect mobile devices with wipes 41 times per day (between each patient encounter), hospital staff would need to spend a minimum of 102 minutes of their time per day. With UVone, devices can be effectively sanitized 20 times per day in just 20.5 minutes per day.

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Product Benefits that Make Effective

Convenient and Visible. UVone seamlessly integrates into any environment or workflow, such as outside of operating rooms, patient rooms, nurses’ stations, or any other location that is most convenient and visible for compliance. A VESA-compatible mounting plate and wall mount are included with every UVone Station. A VESA-compatible table stand or cart with wheels (sold separately) are available upon request.

Compatible with Almost Any Mobile Device. UVone can accommodate any device within 271.52 mm (L) x 38.1 mm (W) x 188.97 mm (H)–including tablets, iPad devices, iPhones, Vocera phones, Voalte phones, Ascom phones and more, with or without a case.1 It can disinfect up to three smaller devices at one time or even items like keys and badges.

Form Meets Function. The sleek, compact design of UVone seamlessly integrates into any environment. Mount the station directly outside of operating rooms, patient rooms, nurses’ stations or any area that is most convenient for use. The station is ideal for critical care areas such as NICU and ICU.

Countdown Timer. Users are able to see how much time remains until contents are disinfected by the UV disinfection station for mobile devices.

Touchless, Motion-Activated Door. Most HAIs are transmitted by physical contact, making personal hygiene of hospital staff a critical step toward reducing the spread of infection. UVone users never physically touch the station, preventing cross contamination.

Ready at All Times. The UVone station is easy to use. No need to turn off your device before starting UV disinfection for mobile devices.

Reduces Waste. Many hospitals are seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint without compromising patient safety or care. UVone is long lasting and produces significantly less waste than wipes.

World-Class Customer Support. Our helpful and friendly Customer Support team boasts an NPS score higher than many tech giants and will promptly assist with any product issues or questions that may arise.

25,000 Hours (3 million uses) of Bulb Life. 16 long-lasting UV-C bulbs are enclosed behind glass. When used in Manual Cycle Mode, users can expect 25,000 hours of bulb life or 3M uses.

Easy-to-Use App. In the event a bulb burns out, the app provides visibility to see which bulb needs to be changed. From the app, users can also switch a station from Manual Mode to Automatic Mode and update firmware.

1-Year Warranty. UVone UV light sterilizer is backed by a 1-year warranty, protecting you against product defects.

Powerful enough for hospitals, yet perfect for all industries.