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Technology for good or for bad?

An article out earlier this month about intelligent machines replacing teachers, really made us think.

Sir Anthony Seldon, of Wellington College, is the head of one of Britain’s most famous public schools. He was talking about the theory that inspirational teachers of the future will be intelligent machines rather than humans. See the full article here.

There seems to be a general acceptance of the fact technology can help teachers do their job better in the classroom. They provide creative tools, new innovative ways of introducing and teaching lessons, and help integrate children into working with computers and tablets effectively to prepare them for later life.

But technology to replace teachers altogether? This leads to the question – is there technology being introduced for the good, the bad, or just the sake of it?

And it certainly has hit a nerve with both teachers and parents alike! One commented, “I’m of the opinion that good teachers are among artists, barbers and good salespeople who’s jobs can’t really be automated. Jobs that are all about forming real relationships or in the case of an artist, commenting on what it means to be a human.”

Whether this move towards intelligent machines to replace humans is indeed going to happen, it does raise further demands over what is ethical, what is realistic, and poses the question – can a machine teach children better than a real life human? Could it teach not only facts, but also the emotional side of teaching – igniting inspiration in children, creativity, and also equipping them with the life skills necessary to become compassionate partners, brothers, sisters and work colleagues in the future?

If it happens, or when it happens (the prediction is less than 10 years away), the reality is that jobs will be lost and schools will become completely different places to they are now. According to Anthony, “humans will still be around the school but the intellectual excitement will come from the lighting-up of the brain which the machines will be superbly well-geared for.”

Using Classroom Technology in a Positive Way through Mobile Device Charging Solutions

LocknCharge has always maintained that in an education setting, the main role of mobile device charging solutions is to make teachers lives easier, by introducing products that either save them time, or by offering solutions that will ensure smooth transition in classrooms.  This is where we think technology can be used in a positive way, to help free up teachers’ time to do what they do best – teach.

This could include syncing devices quickly and in large numbers, meaning all devices are ready for use 100% of the time whenever needed or ensuring that they are charged sufficiently to do the job they are required to do.  On a bigger scale, innovative basket designs can be used to transport devices from classroom to classroom by students, saving valuable time in deploying and distributing tablets to each student. 

In fact, in a recent study we found LocknCharge mobile device storage carts can save teachers up to 70 hours of class time per year just by choosing a suitable iPad charging station or Chromebook storage device

Take a look at our video here:

Teaching is a passion, a vocation.  Instead of making machines that replace teachers, could we look at introducing ways or technological means to help teachers free up time and make their jobs easier to spend time with the children they went into the profession to teach?

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