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What is a tablet charging station?

A mobile phone owner.  iPad user.  A household of tech lovers.  It is not surprising that cables get tied, go missing, get stolen (or eaten by the dog!), and each plug socket around the house is taken up with a device on charge.

Well imagine the same problem but faced by a class of 30 tablet loving children in a classroom, that expect to be ready to use their devices simultaneously at a touch of a button every day. 

Many people until faced with a problem such as the above may not even know that charging stations for tablets exist.  But now we are here to tell you they do!  And explain – “What is a tablet charging station?!”

A tablet charging station is a mobile charging unit primarily designed to both charge and store iPads or tablet devices.  Often also referred to as an iPad trolley, iPad cart, tablet cart or tablet trolley, these charging stations can transform the tablet experience for personal tablet users, businesses and not-for-profit organisations alike.

In sectors such as education, leisure and hospitality, and retail there has been a significant rise in the use of digital technology to both boost customer experience, or to provide solutions to everyday problems in an efficient manner.  In hotels you will see more technological use of the iPad, in hotel lobbies for check in, in hotel bedrooms.  This rise in technology in all of these sectors has led to issues and problems which may never have been raised before.  One of which issues is how to keep devices charged and ready for use at all time?!

Tablet Charging Stations are designed to do exactly what they suggest – charge tablets which are put inside.  This is done in a safe and controlled manner, simultaneously, without the need for messy cables and multiple plug sockets or power outlets.    It can be dangerous to use multiple power strips or extension leads and this virtually eliminates this risk.  Sitting side by side in a cabinet the units charge without fuss and completely hassle free!

But aside from charging multiple devices, tablet charging stations have other resourceful uses which can save both time, money and give greater benefits than you may have once thought.

As well as charging, the cabinets can transform any unused and under-utilised space into a tablet charging station.  Be it a dark corner of a classroom, a spare wall, desk or bench, a charging cart can be almost hidden from view but create an innovative way of maximising space and offer an extra storage facility in addition to furniture already in a static position.

There are options out there for charging electronic devices simultaneously which include docking stations and multi lead chargers, but these give little or no protection over theft or loss whilst charging.  A good tablet charging station will be lockable, and made from strong, sturdy material, such as welded steel – with a padlock – to protect the often extremely expensive items inside.  They also work as a deterrent for any thieves on the lookout for an easy target.

Tablet Charging Stations and Tablet Carts in the Classroom

In commercial and educational environments, perhaps the biggest challenge iPad and tablet users face is deployment.  Deployment is the action of bringing resources into effective use.  And it can be a challenge to distribute multiple mobile technologies to big groups, for example in schools or in universities.  This can be however successfully managed with the right kind of tablet charging station.  LocknCharge have an innovative basket design which is used for deployment of smaller quantities of tablets at any given time – 5 per Basket.  This removes the bottleneck of students lined up around a traditional cabinet-style tablet cart waiting to get their devices one by one, and one student can deploy 5 or 10 devices at a time – saving valuable class time. It makes life easier for anyone wishing to implement mobile device technology.

So next time you wonder how all of those iPads or tablets have super strong battery lives or how an organisation can afford so many devices now you know!

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