Mount Horeb Area High School Modernizes Facility with Secure Public Charging On Demand


The Mount Horeb Area School District serves 2,500 students in grades PK through 12. They were undergoing construction of a brand new addition to their high school when they came across LocknCharge. Committed to making the new space “state-of-the-art everything”, the district’s Director of Technology found the new FUYL Tower 15 very appealing. After comparing options and exploring all the features, it was a clear choice. The FUYL Tower was quality product, well worth the investment.   


Students needed a way to securely charge their devices in public areas of the school so that devices were not lost, stolen, or broken while charging. Outlets can be hard to come by and do not provide protection against breakage or theft.


The FUYL Tower solution offers the best pathway to modernizing facilities across the entire district. Innovative, on-demand, centralized, and secure charging lockers offer total convenience without expensive infrastructure updates. The new addition is the perfect place to start infusing thoughtful 21st-century design and amenities.


Wall outlet use is minimized, keeping devices safe and sound while charging.

Students are in control. Students use the centralized Towers to store and charge their devices behind a door that is locked using their personal RFID badge.

Mount Horeb is able to establish itself as an innovative district from all aspects. Their investments will help to increase enrollment, which will benefit the school long term.

A FUYL Tower in “Public Mode” is available for anyone who needs fast and secure charging on demand. Examples include students who need a device charge during the day, environments where devices are prohibited, or for students facing housing insecurity.

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New Technology Solution Trends for Restaurants

For many years, quick-serve restaurants (QSR), like McDonald’s, have had traditional drive-through and counter ordering options. Casual dining, such as Applebee’s, has always had a dine-in environment where you sit at a table, a server makes your experience enjoyable, and you don’t have to do the dishes. 

But now, new restaurant technology trends are changing how we eat. As tech advances and consumer preferences change, the restaurant industry is adding and adapting to cutting-edge digital solutions.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated these trends in the restaurant technology landscape, requiring the restaurant industry to shift quickly in order to meet new market demands. These innovative processes are only set to keep profits high and maintain a healthy market in the future.

Here’s a look at the newest technology for restaurants coming to an eatery near you:

Robot Kitchens

Robots and AI together are showing us new ways our food can be made and have become one of the most exciting restaurant industry technology trends. SPYCE in Boston was created to provide low-cost, yummy meals, powered by robots. Customers can order from devices in the store or online, robots grab the food and drop it in the wok – humans are only needed to add the final toppings and provide an excellent customer experience.

On the other end of the spectrum, Alibaba, a supermarket in Shanghai, is using robots to deliver food right to customer’s tables. Customers use an app to order and pick out fresh ingredients, then robots transport the food to the kitchen where the meal is cooked. When ready, the food is delivered to their assigned seat via a robot server.

Cloud/Ghost Kitchens

A cloud kitchen, or ghost kitchen, is a commercial kitchen space that allows businesses to fulfill delivery and takeout items without the overhead of a brick-and-mortar location. As more consumers order delivery from apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats, a cloud kitchen is one restaurant technology solution making it easier for entrepreneurs to open a restaurant. A cloud kitchen requires minimal overhead and is ideal for chain restaurants to expand the delivery arm of their business.

As restaurant technology trends toward increased delivery service, which has already increased 150% from 2019 to 2020, restaurants are facing delayed wait times for in-house guests. Separating delivery orders from the main business can help improve operations and ensure consumers are getting their food fast. New and veteran restaurant owners can leverage cloud kitchens and restaurant ordering technology to process orders faster.

Ordering Ahead – Mobile & Online

Mobile orders used to be a wee 1.5% of QSR sales in 2015, which jumped to 11% in 2020 and is expected to be a whopping 20% by 2025. Today, restaurants are managing orders from many different apps and online ordering services. As consumer preference continues to trend toward mobile ordering, restaurants are hiring curbside or mobile order staff dedicated to processing these orders with iPads. Constantly checking Uber Eats and Yelp can be overwhelming. However, there are new restaurant technologies that can aggregate orders into one centralized system. Cake software is an example of this technology that can make this process more manageable.

Charging Solutions for Mobile Devices

There are a lot of new restaurant technologies available that have the potential to change the industry forever. What works and what doesn’t work will drive new adoption in the restaurant market. One thing that all these technologies have in common is the devices that make them work. Whether an iPad is being used to place an order made by robots or receive an online order – those devices must be charged and ready to go. Charging stations, like those offered by LocknCharge, are the perfect solution to ensure there is no device downtime. One of the most popular charging stations that restaurant operators prefer to ensure their devices are always charged and available is the Putnam Charging Station.

The Putnam has light indicators to ensure restaurant staff know which devices are fully charged (green), and which need additional charging (red). Plus, it comes pre-wired with fixed lightning cables to ensure cords are there when needed. Visit our restaurants charging stations page to see more examples of how restaurant operators are incorporating LocknCharge charging solutions into their restaurant technology stack.

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Charging Future Leaders at James Bonham Academy

May 21, 2019  |  San Antonio, Texas


“We’re more than a school. Somos familia.” That’s the message James Bonham Academy demonstrates through active engagement of parents and the community in supporting student learning and development. The multicultural, multilingual K-8 school is a part of the San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD).

Recognizing that education is not a “one size fits all” package, SAISD offers more choices than any other district in the area for students to pursue special interests and career goals. One extracurricular offering growing in popularity at Bonham Academy is their volunteer-run robotics program. Preschool-age through 8th grade students participate in the construction, operation and use of robots and the computer systems that control them.

Educators all over the nation are working to inspire students with STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) programs like Bonham Academy’s robotics club, and as more and more of them are deployed, new lessons and best practices emerge.


In order to operate a successful robotics program, schools first need accessible, fully charged tech for their students. As a result, mobile STEM labs are a new concept quickly catching on as a cost-effective, sharable solution for delivering hands-on STEM education tools.

With three different age groups utilizing laptops, iPads and LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 robots at Bonham Academy, volunteer David Lopez explains, “We needed a way to store, charge and lock several types of devices – an all-in-one solution flexible enough to accommodate all of our charging needs.”


After a Google search and an eye-catching Facebook ad about laptop carts for schools, Lopez contacted LocknCharge for more information on our open-concept charging carts. He liked what he saw and he liked what he heard.

The design gave them the versatility he was looking for. Utilizing a combination of Baskets by LocknCharge and wire racks inside their carts, Bonham Academy can fit everything they need to run the three groups of robotics club effectively and efficiently. 

As a purely volunteer service that a few parents provide, Lopez recognizes the importance of that efficiency. “We’re happy whenever we can reduce setup time and instead dedicate that time to the children of the school,” he said.

Charging used to be somewhat of a hodge-podge with different devices charging in different locations, but they’ve now consolidated everything into one cart – streamlining the setup and tear-down process.

Unlike some alternative options built by the manufacturers of the STEM technology, the LocknCharge Charging Carts are more affordable and flexible. They’re multi-purpose and not tailored to any specific device; thus won’t become obsolete as the technology is redesigned in the future. And the future is really what they’re focused on. As their vision states, Bonham Academy is shaping and empowering culturally literate and innovative global learners and leaders.

For more information about “Thinking Inside the Box”, click here.

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9 Reasons Why Schools & Teachers Love LocknCharge

9 Reasons Why Schools & Teachers Love LocknCharge

Too little time, space and funding in your schools? LocknCharge has charging solutions for any budget.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve been listening to the needs of teachers, IT staff members, administration and students. And because of what we’ve learned during these critical conversations, we’ve designed mobile device charging carts and stations that relieve pain points specific to challenges in education. Our products boast features not offered by our competitors: high-quality components, top-loading cart designs, Baskets by LocknCharge, ECO Safe Charge, compact designs, lifetime warranties and much more. After talking to thousands of educators around the world, we’ve jotted down just a few of the reasons why schools using our products love LocknCharge. Check out ’em out:

Time-saving baskets allow teachers and students to quickly, safely and easily distribute devices every day, putting up to two weeks of class time back into the hands of teachers every year.

Compact device charging stationssave valuable real estate in space-strapped classrooms, allowing more room for expanding class sizes.

Our budget-friendly product lines save schools serious money while still offering time-saving features like baskets and top-loading cart designs.

Simple and organized cabling of our products will cut cart setup time in half, easing the burden of a device deployment on your schools’ IT Teams.

Future-proof designs will increase the longevity of your charging investment. Never get stuck with an outdated charging cart or station again.

Ultra-secure locking systems protect mobile devices from theft, breakage and loss, giving teachers peace of mind that their devices are always safe and sound.

Durable products and lifetime warranties mean your charging carts and stations will last well into the future, saving schools serious time and money.

Excellent Customer Support is always here to help with any questions or issues that may arise. You can count on us to be there for you.

We are the experts in mobile device deployments, and our Customer Success Managers are here to help find the solution that’s right for each of your schools’ specific needs.


Click here to get a quote and fall in love with LocknCharge products!

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Retail’s Digital Transformation

In recent years, the retail industry has undergone a technological transformation that has lead retailers to revamp their mobile strategies and automate many services. According to a recent survey conducted by Gartner, the retail sector will increase it’s technology spending 3.6% this year, for a grand total of $203.6 billion. Additionally, 75% of senior retail executives from Europe said they plan to invest heavily in developing mobile apps, coupons, and payments.

And it makes sense – there are countless benefits to utilizing new technology in the retail sector. With the proper technology, you are putting an emphasis on customer service. Now, your employees can make sales, check inventory and more without ever leaving the customer’s side. You can accomplish more with each customer and help foster relationships with each person who steps foot into your store.

Coupled with this, mobile point of sale, or mobile POS, has also lead to an uptick in sales for many retailers. A recent study by Stratix and IHL Group found that retailers in North America who employed mobile POS technologies saw their sales increase nearly 24% compared to those who did not.

As retailers have revamped their technology these past few years, a lot of them have forgotten one crucial component – a mobile charging solution. Recently, LocknCharge conducted a digital transformation study and found that 73% of organizations are failing to leverage secure charging stations.  While deploying new technology is great, it will be difficult for your business to reap the benefits without a proper deployment and charging solution.

Because so many retailers are failing to leverage a secure charging station, they are actually costing their company in more ways than one.  Device users are wasting valuable time looking for devices, only to find them partially charged or dead.

In addition to the time loss, these businesses are also putting themselves at serious risk for data breaches and more. Studies show that 10% of devices break or go missing each year of deployment and 41% of data breaches occur from lost or stolen devices. The cost of replacing these technologies and their valuable data? Nearly $50,000.

All of this could be avoided if retailers employed a secure mobile charging station with their technology. At LocknCharge, we offer a number of mobile charging stations that can be tailored to meet the needs of each business. We excel at developing comprehensive, effective charging solutions for clients like Tiffany’s and Hugo Boss that not only help keep their devices charged and secure but also improve workflow as well.

Portable charging stations like our CarryOn are the perfect solution to many tech problems retailers face. With the CarryOn, portability is taken to a whole new level. The CarryOn allows you to carry five devices, together with all the charging hardware and cables in one neat and compact unit. Now, your business can spend less time searching and charging devices and more time focusing on what matters – the customer. See how the CarryOn improved customer service and improved workflow at THRIVE Affordable Pet Care, located inside of Petco stores.

No matter what your business uses its technology for, whether it’s mobile POS or online orders, we have a charging solution for you. Enhance your retail business by browsing our products here.

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