iQ 30 Cart at Hale School – iPad Cart testimonial from a IT Director’s perspective

Rob Barugh, Director of Information & Learning Technologies at Hale School, explains how the LocknCharge iPad Cart is integral to the future of technology at Hale School. «The baskets in the iQ 30 iPad Cart is amazing. It’s been such a great addition to the Carts. In the classroom, the Carts are fantastic. The teachers love them because they’re able to pull out 5 iPads, distribute them quickly throughout the classroom and concentrate on the teaching».

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iQ 30 Cart at Hale School – iPad Cart testimonial from a Teachers perspective

Tracy Heldt, Head of Junior Primary at Hale School, explains how LocknCharge’s iPad Cart, iQ 30 Cart, has helped in the deployment of iPad devices. «The iQ 30 Cart has been a wonderful addition to our junior primary classes and it makes life easier for our teachers which is what we are looking for».

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Education magazine UK – Tackling mobile device deployments in Schools with LocknCharge’s Tablet and iPad Cart

James Symons, CEO of LocknCharge, on mobile device deployments in schools
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James Symons

According to BESA (the British Educational Suppliers Association) computer technology has played a central part in the drive to raise standards in schools and as a result, the UK can claim to be one of the world leaders in seeking to harness new technology to improve teaching and learning in the classroom.

Schools are moving tentatively towards a system in which each child has his or her own device. Tablets and iPads are now popular in both primary and secondary schools, however they can cause logistical problems if not managed properly. An iPad for every pupil is a significant stretch on the budget, and this investment needs to be protected with suitable security and storage devices.

Technology has many advantages in the classroom, but unlike textbooks, tablets have to be ‘managed’. They can’t just be left at the end of the day in a pile in the corner. They need to be charged, locked away and looked after. It is important that teacher time is not impacted by tablets, which are of course supposed to be a positive addition to the classroom.


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Carrier 30 Cart – «Absolutely fantastic from a training point of view»

Carrier 30 Cart (Charging Cart) by LocknCharge.

The Basket system allows Gene to grab a basket in each hand and carry them to where they are needed. “We have limited time with the participants, so being able to grab a Basket and placing them on a table give participants immediate access to the devices. I can do that in a matter of seconds which meets our need tremendously.” – Gene Howell, Manager for Educational Technology at Australian Institute of Management in Western Australia.

For more information about the Carrier 30 Cart, click here.

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