Must know insights about your digital transformation.

Your company is in the middle of a digital transformation. New processes, new technology, more productive employees and larger revenue streams all sound great, right? Well yes, until (surprise!) you’re now tasked with managing a fleet of laptops, tablets, and phones without increased monetary resources or additional human capitalOne of the top complaints by IT staff members is that they don’t have enough time to complete their current workload, let alone increasing it. Youre not alone, and companies just like you must think creatively to manage this new challenge. 

Like most great IT people, one of the first things you’re thinking about is how to keep these mobile devices secure. However, a common afterthought is how you are going to manage the multitude of broken and lost devices. On average, 10-20% of mobile devices will break or go missing each year. Not only is this a huge burden on your team’s time, but it also could add a significant amount of downtime for your fellow employees who are unable to work without their laptop, tablet or phone. The current device replacement processes either consist of your team members running around collecting and replacing devices or outsourcing it to a managed mobility provider (MMS). Both options can take days and add costly shipping charges just to replace one broken laptop. Even at Google, it takes one day to get a replacement device; this is becoming a major annoyance to many tech departments. Some questions you should ask yourself: 

  1. How much time does your IT staff waste physically running around gathering or replacing broken mobile devices? 
  2. Does your process leave fellow employees without a way to do their job for more than one hour? 
  3. Do you have a large budget for shipping devices across the county? 
  4. Is your Tech Team already overwhelmed with their current workload? 
  5. How much is your repair and replacement process really costing? 

You will be happy to knowthere is a better way forward. You can centralize and simplify your break/fix program more easily than you think with an Intelligent Asset Management Locker System. Charging stations like these allow you to keep several devices charged, secure and connected in an accessible location in your building. When a staff member breaks a mobile device, you simply send them to the locker to get a replacement. The locker system is connected to your network, which allows you to ensure the software on the device is up to date and ready to use. Not only does this solution save time and money, but it can also make your teams lives easier. Needless to say, your tech team will appreciate your thoughtfulness of their time, effort and energy.