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Supporting Digital Transformation in the Workplace and Schools: Spiceworks Webinar

Webinar Overview

Leading up to the 2020 calendar year, many business and schools were humming along through a carefully planned digital transformation–but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the speed of that transformation was thrust into high gear. Most schools were forced to go 1:1 so that each student possesses a device for virtual learning. And with employees working remotely, in many cases a laptop or tablet has become a necessity for doing business

This webinar is to demonstrate how LocknCharge is leading and innovating by connecting our 20 years of hardware experience to our new LocknCharge Cloud platform. By combining world-class hardware with software, we are helping our customers execute their digital transformation projects.

The two products focused on during this webinar are the FUYL Tower Smart Lockers powered by LocknCharge Cloud and UVone, the most functional and unique device sanitization product on the market.





Over the years, we’ve spent a significant amount of time with our customers in the early stages of their digital transformation projects, and we’ve learned why our products are an important part of their mobile device workflows:

  • Our products can help simplify mobile device loaner and break/fix programs
  • IT Departments appreciate the self-service check in/check out of a mobile device
  • Our UV sanitization solution is quick, touchless and offers 360-degree disinfection, which is unmatched by any product in the market.
  • We help automate workflows that were once paper based
  • We see an improved end user experience which helps speed up the adoption and scale of mobile device programs
  • Organizations trust LocknCharge to secure company-owned mobile devices

We’ve also learned that our customers embrace workplace mobilization for three key reasons:

  1. To improve their internal and external communications
  2. To process transactions faster, whether it be an order through a fast food drive through or a job order for a field engineer at an energy company
  3. To eliminate the expensive and tedious manual or paper processes

A significant takeaway is that each of these are goals can improve your company’s internal operations and customer interactions. This suggests the real reason why so many companies are mobilizing in every sector is that mobility benefits everyone.

A quick example of this is a customer of ours using iPads paired with charging stations to go paperless in the workplace. This is what Inflight Pilot Training out of Minneapolis did to cut back on 40,000 pages of flight manuals by combining our FUYL Smart Locker and iPads. 

As the workplace continues to become more efficient, let’s now discuss and demonstrate one of the most recent trends of how to efficiently keep mobile devices clean throughout the day.


uvone on table

Our newest product, UVone, is a rapid, UV-C disinfection station for phones, tablets and other hand-held items. With nothing else like this on the market, UVone is unique because it is zero-touch, offers 360-degree disinfection and reduces bacteria by 99.999%* in just 30 seconds. Our original customer base for UVone was hospitals and clinics to help them transition away from cleaning mobile devices with wipes, which is time consuming and wasteful.  

We’ve learned that the most common solution to disinfecting mobile devices is an alcohol-based wipe. These wipes are expensive when compared to UVone. A single wipe costs 4 to 5 cents, not to mention the downstream costs of increased use of gloves and the sheer amount of waste created by using wipes. UVone has 16 long-lasting, UV-C bulbs enclosed behind glass. When used in Manual Cycle Mode, customers can expect 25,000 hours of bulb life which is about 3M uses, equating to well below one penny per use. UVone’s 30 second disinfection, combined with a low cost per use, proves a significant return on investment.

As companies adapt and learn how to reopen, we see a new workflow in the digital transformation such as taking temperatures with automated kiosks when an employee arrives at the office, washing hands and prioritizing cleaning. The CDC recommends that you disinfect the surfaces that you are most frequently in contact with, which we are in constant contact with our mobile device surfaces.

UVone fits perfectly into this new clean workflow and we are seeing significant demand from companies looking to deploy UVone in their lobbies, hallways, locker rooms and break rooms.

Let’s take a look at how UVone works. First is a demonstration showing UVone versus wipes. You’ll see that UVone not only saves time but eliminates an incredible amount of waste.

In the 2nd demonstration, we demonstrate how simple UVone is to use.

And finally, the third video shows how the Denver Broncos are utilizing UVone as part of their new normal for their COVID 19 Back to Work Initiative.

As you can see, UVone can be used in a variety of settings–from checking in at a lobby to a healthcare environment. The internal cavity is 10.5” x 1.5” x 7.25”, and as you see it can fit an iPad or you can combine smaller devices to disinfect.

The UVone can sit on a counter, mount on a rolling stand, or wall mount with the VESA-compatible mounting kit that is included.

FUYL Tower

The FUYL Tower comes in two sizes, a 5 bay and a 15 bay. Each bay has one 2.4 amp USB port and one 110V main power outlet. Both products have an optional network kit that that allows you to add your own switch, so you can remotely image laptops inside each bay.

Let’s start off our Smart Locker tour with a 2-minute video explaining our system, then we’ll dive into two workflow demonstrations.

Workflow 1 – Break/Fix

Break/Fix is a workflow that many of you may be very familiar with. Take a moment and imagine you oversee your company’s Break/Fix Program, and you’re faced with this scenario:

It is 6:00 AM, and you get an urgent ServiceNow ticket. It comes from a Maintenance Team Lead in one of your manufacturing facilities two hours away. The maintenance laptop is down, and in order to keep the manufacturing facility up and running, you need to get a replacement laptop to the Maintenance Team Lead ASAP. Because you oversee your company’s Break/Fix Program, and it is Saturday morning, you get the privilege of driveing to your IT Break/Fix Depot, get a new laptop, image that laptop and then hop in your car for a two-hour drive to the manufacturing facility. You swap out the devices to ensure business is back up and running.

 In this story, which we hear variations of on a consistent basis, we start to think of how our Smart Locker System can help reduce your companies lost productivity and decrease your labor costs.

Let’s show what it could look like if you had a FUYL Smart Locker with devices ready to go and how simple this Break/Fix workflow is with LocknCharge Cloud.

The first screen when logged into our portal is a dashboard which displays the stations you have connected to your account. Here is where you can organize the stations into groups if you like so that you can cascade Tower settings to multiple towers at one time to manage them more efficiently.

One part of our platform that is important in running a Break/Fix program is Users. This is where you’ll manage who has access to a station or a specific bay. As an example, someone with a broken device can exchange it for a new device inside the FUYL Smart Locker, which was assigned for him/her.

Workflow 2 – Daily Check Out/Check In 

The City of Toronto Water Department needed a self-service, central point of distribution for their mobile workforce. They had two key requirements in getting their employees to really embrace their mobile device program.

  • The devices need to be checked out with existing RFID badges
  • They always needed the devices to be secured when not in use

In this workflow, each morning the device is loaded with the job orders for the day, the field engineer goes up to the FUYL Tower Smart Locker, taps their badge to check out an assigned device from a bay that they have been assigned to. The employee grabs the device, heads out to work, then checks it back into the same bay at the end of a shift.  Our Cloud enables Tower Administrators to know who opened the door and when, significantly reducing the opportunity for missing devices and simplifying their workflow.

Our Cloud Software comes in 3 tiers – Admin, Managed and Integrated. Most of our customers today are choosing Managed or Integrated. Integrated allows for you to bring the power of FUYL Smart Lockers into your existing IT infrastructure through API and webhooks.

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*LocknCharge's kill rate claims are based on data conducted by an accredited, GLP compliant, BSL-2 laboratory. Kill rate claims for MRSA at a 5-log kill or 99.999% are based on final GLP testing. Kill rate claims for C. Diff are at a 4-log kill or 99.99% in 60 seconds and a 3-log kill or 99.9% in 30 seconds. C. Diff results are based on final GLP testing. Real world results may vary. Testing data available upon request.“

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