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Charging Station Designed for Putnam City Schools | LocknCharge

The Putnam City School District is one of the premier districts in central Oklahoma. With 19,000-plus students spread throughout 27 schools, and a mission to prepare students to be self-navigating thinkers for life, Putnam City teachers aim to build technology into their curriculum. By using iPad devices, the schools hope to enhance engagement and strengthen the learning experience for their students. 

The Putnam City School District is in the process of creating their own digital curriculum where, among other things, iPads will begin to replace physical textbooks. Their main objectives were to find a charging station that didn’t take up valuable space in the classroom while also providing teachers with a quick visual to know if all iPads were put away and charging. After much research and debate, they were unable to find a solution on the market that fit their specific needs.

Deployment Plan
With a bold 1:1 digital curriculum initiative, the district is striving towards a total of 19,000+ iPads in their classrooms. All of the devices will need to be efficiently secured and charged, ready for student use each day.

The Solution – Charging Station for iPads
Without a product on the market to fit their needs, Putnam City Schools partnered with LocknCharge to design a custom charging station. The final product, the Putnam 16 Charging Station, features a slim, cabinet-style station made with fully welded steel for superior security. Plus, with the ability to secure the unit to the floor, wall or a desk, teachers did not have to give up valuable real estate in the classroom. The stations are also stackable, perfect for instances where more than 16 devices need to be stored and charged, again with a minimal footprint. New features of the Putnam 16 also include an external charging status display with color-coded LED lights for each slot, allowing teachers to easily see if the iPads are charging (red) or ready to use (green) without opening the station. And finally, an integrated mechanical combination lock means there are no keys to worry about. The school district will install 500 charging stations for the 2017-18 school year–400 stations in their middle schools and 100 in various classrooms that have a 1:1 program.

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