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Fun Company Culture is no Joke

It may seem contradictory to have the words “fun” and “work” together in the same sentence, and for many it is. Work hard, play hard, right? In recent years, however, it has become increasingly obvious how important having a fun company culture is.

Your business’s culture should be as unique as a fingerprint - it defines how you do business and how others interpret your business. At LocknCharge, our culture reflects the way that we want our employees, customers, and partners to feel when they work with us – that we make their life easier.

“We inspire this by trying to always challenge status quo, to not create barriers to doing business and enabling employees to think that way,” said Stephanie Gassen, Global Vice President of Marketing. “Are we perfect at always embodying our culture exactly how we want it – in no way – but we are becoming experts at recognizing when something doesn’t fit and we act quickly to steer things back in the right direction.”

One of the ways we’ve been redefining our culture at LocknCharge is by implementing fun initiatives for the entire team. Check out some of these efforts below!

Beer Friday

One of the ways we like to relax and unwind is by hosting Beer Friday every week. 

At the end of the week, we all gather together in the office, kick back and enjoy a drink. We have even dedicated an entire area in the office into becoming a game room where employees can go and blow off steam. Not only is this a great way to reward your team for all of their hard work throughout the week, but it’s a great way to kick off the weekend as well.

Mystery Lunch

Mystery lunch is when one person selects a lunch spot and the group decides they are either in or out without knowing where they’re going. The group trusts that person and follows along to try a new 

restaurant and experience the great area we work and live in – Madison, WI.   We have assembled a team that truly enjoys working together and hanging out together which makes the ups and downs of business that much more enjoyable. Lunch is just another time we can spend bonding with one another.

Keep things light

This tip can be interpreted in a multitude of different ways. The most important thing to keep in mind is that according to recent studies, happy employees are more productive employees. Your office culture should reflect those moods in an effort to inspire your employees!

We keep things light at LocknCharge in a number of different ways - from creating funny inspirational? quote boards for people’s cubes to making Dad jokes, we are constantly searching for ways to brighten our team’s day.

Fostering a great culture goes beyond just coolers of beer and lunches though - it’s an attitude and set of values within your business that you must maintain. At LocknCharge, we pride ourselves on having an EPIC team, built on Excellence, Positivity, Integrity, and Collaboration. We take great care in bringing in individuals to our organization that can embody these values – having cross-functional interview teams and a rigorous screening process to bring in high-talent with EPIC values. We’ve been recognized for our workplace culture – by winning Best Places to Work in Madison, as well as Madison’s Most Innovative Company.

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