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From the entire team at LocknCharge, we hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

Baskets by LocknCharge – What else can we use it for? Baskets are useful for many things, perfect for one – mobile devices!

Learn more about Baskets by LocknCharge here!

Basket by LocknCharge – Ep 3 – Thanks Giving from PC Locs – LocknCharge on Vimeo.

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New Syncing and Charging Carts for iPad

New Syncing and Charging Carts for iPad®, iPad Air™ or iPad mini™ Devices  – LocknCharge launches two new Carts, iQ 30 Cart™ and EVO 40 Cart™. Available to Schools Now Through Apple Education Store.


MADISON, Wis., Sept. 23, 2014 –K-12 mobile device management specialist LocknCharge launched two new syncing and charging Carts for iPad devices for back to school. The iQ 30 Cart and EVO 40 Cart are smartly designed to meet the needs of iPad, iPad Air or iPad mini device collections in school environments. Schools can store, sync, charge, secure and transport as many as 30 devices in the iQ 30 Cart and 40 devices in the larger EVO 40 Cart.

Efficient charging makes for more productive iPad devices and ensures they are ready when students need them. With power at every port, the iQ 30 Cart can charge up to 30 iPad devices simultaneously, while the EVO 40 Cart can charge up to 40.

Once the devices are charged, they need to be synced. Efficient syncing means more time to teach and learn. Using iTunes or Apple Configurator on a Mac computer, both the iQ 30 Cart and the EVO 40 Cart can sync up to 40 iPad devices simultaneously. Both Carts are modular and mobile featuring LocknCharge’s removable iQ 16 Sync Charge Boxes, allowing syncing and charging to be done almost anywhere, independently of the Cart. The iQ 16 Sync Charge Box has an intelligent power management system that automatically stages the availability of power to each port. This function prevents the potential of overloading the circuit, protecting the school’s devices.

“Schools that are investing in iPad devices will find our iQ 30 Cart and EVO 40 Carts a valuable enhancement that makes it easy and convenient for teachers to access, sync, charge, store and protect all of their iPad devices,” said James Symons, CEO of LocknCharge. “It speaks strongly about the quality and attention to detail in LocknCharge products that the Apple Education Store is selling these Carts this fall!”

LocknCharge, a global leader in providing K-12 mobile device management solutions, is headquartered in Madison, WI. The company is known for innovative Syncing and Charging Carts that efficiently store and simultaneously charge mobile devices in schools.

The iQ 30 Cart and EVO 40 Carts are innovative solutions for storing, charging and protecting iPad devices in schools.  The new syncing and charging Carts lets teachers focus on teaching using mobile technology without being slowed down by it. The portable high-quality steel Carts make organizing and charging mobile devices in the classroom simple. These LocknCharge Carts ease and speed up device distribution and sharing through ergonomic carry baskets. The well inside the iQ 30 Cart includes six removable baskets that hold up to five devices each and is designed to enable several people to access it at once. Two side wells in the EVO 40 Cart include a total of eight baskets that also hold up to five devices.

By using multiple newly designed, five-slotted baskets to contain the devices, multiple students can quickly grab a basket and help distribute, or the baskets can be passed down rows. The signature baskets are light and easy to carry to a different room, if rooms are sharing devices, or upstairs without moving the Cart. The baskets are also helpful if a teacher only needs some of the iPad devices. They help to protect the devices from accidental dropping and are designed to fit devices with or without cases.

LocknCharge makes it easy for teachers or IT administrators to secure the Carts and keep their devices safe at the end of the school day. The Carts feature an advanced highly secure lid and doors, with two layers of key locks to protect the school’s valuable mobile technology investment safely inside. The LocknCharge Carts can also be chained to the floor overnight, with the included floor anchor, locking them in place so they can’t be moved or stolen.

iQ 30 Cart Features – Syncing and Charging Carts for iPad 

new sync and charge cart for ipadLocknCharge’s primary goal is to make life easier for teachers, students and IT administrators. It is building a reputation as the most innovative and trusted brand in developing solutions for managing deployments of mobile technology. A few features specific to iQ 30 Cart are:

  • Cable management. The iQ 30 Cart features a center channel system which holds all the device cables in place. It is neat and easy to set up.
  • Top, soft-closing, sliding lid. The soft close protects teachers’ and students’ fingers from being caught in the lid and closes quietly. The lid secures up to 30 iPad devices and the baskets that are stored inside.
  • POWER READY™ lightning-to-USB cables illuminate when connected to a power source. This allows teachers and IT administrators to quickly see and ensure that the devices are charging.
  • Two USB host ports on the outside of the cart allow devices to sync while secured in the Cart.

For more information about the iQ 30 Cart (Sync and Charge Cart for iPad), visit our new website dedicated to Apple compatible products apple.lockncharge.com.


EVO 40 Cart Features – Syncing and Charging Carts for iPad 

new sync and charge cart for ipadThe EVO 40 Cart is equipped with eight removable five-slot baskets by LocknCharge, so teachers can deploy as many as 40 iPad devices with ease. Some additional EVO 40 Cart features are:

  • Cable management. All the iPad device power packs are conveniently stored under the lockable top lid to make cable setup and access faster.
  • Accessible storage. iPad devices and the baskets by LocknCharge are stored on opposite sides of the Cart in tilting storage compartments to create a more efficient work flow. Not only is it better ergonomically, it also creates better access to the devices, so that teaching and learning can proceed much faster.

For more information about the EVO 40 Cart (Sync and Charge Cart for iPad), visit our new website dedicated to Apple compatible products apple.lockncharge.com.


  Pricing and Availability

The iQ 30 Cart and EVO 40 Cart are shipping now. Each requires one standard power outlet to plug in the Cart. The suggested price for one iQ 30 Cart, which comes with a lifetime warranty, is $2,999, and volume discounts are available. The iQ 30 Cart is available now exclusively through the Apple Education Store. Schools and districts can purchase the EVO 40 Cart through Apple, LocknCharge or their favorite educational reseller. The suggested price is $3,499, including a lifetime warranty. For information, questions or advice in deploying mobile devices, LocknCharge is available to help at 888-943-6803 or visit apple.lockncharge.com.


About LocknCharge

LocknCharge designs and manufactures tablet/laptop carts, wall cages and lockers that secure, sync, and charge mobile devices. LocknCharge is a global company with headquarters in Perth, Western Australia, and our US headquarters is in Madison, WI. The company was founded in 1999, at the home of Paul Symons, now co-owner, director and product designer for LocknCharge. As a schoolteacher in Perth, Paul identified a need in the market after seeing computers being stolen on a weekly basis. He created a solution for securing desktop computers, which went on to have a radical impact on reducing computer theft throughout Australia. Since our beginnings in Perth, we’ve expanded globally to help make our customers lives easier by developing mobile device management products that take the workflow of a classroom into consideration.

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LocknCharge Hires to Expand Business in the United States

Innovator in K-12 Mobile Device Management LocknCharge Announces New Hires to Expand Business in the United States

Atlanta, GA, June 29, 2014 – At the annual ISTE conference, innovator in K-12 mobile device management LocknCharge announced two new executives who will help expand the business in the United States. A new president and a head of global operations were hired to lead LocknCharge’s strong growth since entering the U.S. school market three years ago. Steve Ledbetter joined the company as president, North America, and Tim Buhl as head of global operations. Both are relocating to the LocknCharge U.S. business headquarters in Madison, WI. The company is known for innovative carts that efficiently store and quickly charge a school’s mobile devices. Educators are invited to visit LocknCharge at ISTE in booth #3314, where LocknCharge is exhibiting several new products, including the new Carrier 30 Cart™ that was announced today at the show.
In addition to expanding into the United States, over the past few years, LocknCharge also has formed successful international distribution partnerships in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Korea and Turkey. LocknCharge works with each of these distributors and their respective resellers on a daily basis to drive business within the channel. These distribution partnerships have significantly contributed to, and continue to contribute to LocknCharge’s success in the global market place. For information about LocknCharge visit lnc.emmixhosting.com.au or call 888-943-6803.

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Visit us at ISTE – June 28 thru July 1

LocknCharge will be showcasing the latest and greatest product for physically managing deployments of mobile technology in education – ISTE 2014, Booth 3314.

James Symons, CEO of LocknCharge, says “we pride ourselves on developing products that meet students’ and faculty members’ expectations for supporting and securing mobile devices. We know that schools, universities and other education institutes face challenges with the proliferation of mobile devices; our products take managing deployments of mobile technology – whether institutionally owned or BYOD – to the next level.  We just make life easier.”

LocknCharge solutions feature a Carry Basket system that takes mobile device deployments to the next level. How?…. It’s simple. Rather than transporting a 30 or 40 bay Cart to a location where only 10 or 20 devices are needed… student’s/teachers/staff have the option to take as many devices as then need.

The new Carry Baskets feature 5 device slots and are designed to accommodate most the popular devices – with and without cases. Download the devices compatibility document to see if your devices fit in Baskets by LocknCharge.


To celebrate the new Basket by LocknCharge, we’re going to give away $25,000 worth or Baskets at ISTE* for your school/organisation. Here’s how:

  1. Like us on Facebook
  2. Visit us at ISTE – Booth 3314
  3. Post a picture of you and the Basket on our Facebook page
  4. Receive a Basket for your school/organization*

* Terms and Conditions: $25,000 is the MSRP value. Limited to one Basket per school/organisation. US delivery addresses only. Strictly while stock last. 


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Carrier 40 Cart™ video testimonial

The Carrier 40 Cart is designed to make deploying mobile devices in your school or organization easier. How? Penny, Vice Principal at Como Primary School said that they needed a Cart that manages the charging and storage of more devices. The Carrier 40 Cart does all of that and more. Whilst Rachel, a teacher at Como Primary School said that the baskets, that are included with every Carrier 40 Cart, speeds up deploying their devices… meaning that she can get on with doing what she loves most, and that is teaching,

“I really love how easy it is to access the iPads…. and with the baskets, we can hand them out really easily”.

For more information, click here.

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