San Lorenzo Unified School District: California district deploys ambitious 1:1 initiative to increase student engagement and achievement

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California district deploys ambitious 1:1 initiative to increase student engagement and achievement

An education-first mindset

San Lorenzo Unified School District (USD) had maintained a traditional, department-based structure comprised of a Director of IT and a Director of Instructional Materials and Technology until Superintendent Fred Brill integrated the services of both departments and placed an educator at the helm. This new approach to technology prioritized teaching and learning objectives and put the needs of students first. (more…)

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Compton Unified School District: Mobile Deployment Carts Keep Devices Safe in Urban District

California District Protects Technology Investment with Mobile Deployment Carts

Schools across the U.S. are making the important, yet costly, investment to bring more technology into classrooms. Since many jobs and careers now require applicants to have basic technology skills, students need to be well versed in using the latest version of technology.


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LocknCharge Baskets have Profound Impact on Class Time: Save 70 hours each year per Cart

LocknCharge Baskets have Profound Impact on Class Time: Save 70 hours each year per Cart in the classroom using Baskets by LocknCharge to deploy mobile devices with ease. Developed with education in mind, the time savings is immense. Deploy Chromebooks with Baskets saves up to 70 hours of class time each year per 30 unit cart compared to traditional cabinet style carts.

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Arlington Independent School District Makes Mobile Learning a Reality with LocknCharge

Texas district to be able to store 54,000 mobile devices using over 1,800 LocknCharge carts

Research conducted by Project Tomorrow indicates that mobile devices increase student engagement, student-teacher communications and access to course materials outside of the classroom. To reap these benefits, Arlington Independent School District (AISD) in Texas is introducing more than 1,800 Carrier 30 Carts from LocknCharge to have the capacity to hold more than 54,000 Chromebooks. With these carts, AISD staff can store, charge and protect the mobile devices—making it easier to implement digital learning initiatives.

Using a $663.1 million bond package, AISD is providing Chromebooks to its 76 schools with the goal of having a Carrier 30 cart for every two classrooms.
Each cart holds 30 devices that will be used to accelerate web-based learning environments, address online testing needs and boost student performance.

“The introduction of Chromebooks into the learning process has been a cost effective way for our learners to obtain access to resources that enhance their overall learning experience. It has also provided an effective solution to address online testing needs across a system as large as Arlington ISD,” said Chad Branum, assistant superintendent for technology at AISD. “The district is excited to partner with LocknCharge to provide flexibility within the instructional environment by being able to easily move devices around, guarantee that all devices are being charged efficiently and simplify the distribution of devices using the baskets in the carts.”    

AISD has 63,000 students, 8,500 staff members and is the 11th largest school district in Texas.

“Educators at AISD are taking new, exciting steps to provide students with the latest classroom technology as a vehicle to initiate mobile learning,” said James Symons, CEO for LocknCharge. “Our LocknCharge mobile device carts will make this process smoother for teachers and students across the district, and will protect, charge and help distribute their devices for years to come.”

The universal Carrier 30 Carts feature a compact design, single soft-closing sliding lid, secure two-point locking system and simultaneously charge up to 30 devices. To learn more, visit


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LocknCharge Customer Voices: Learn what Customers Love about LocknCharge Mobile Device Solutions

From baskets that save incredible class time to easy cable management to our responsive customer service learn what LocknCharge customers say about how we’ve enabled their mobile device deployments.

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