How Customer Feedback has Shaped our Product Lineup

You talk, we listen. Not every business can say that truthfully. Our customers are so valuable to us because their feedback inspires innovation and evolution with every new product. They may be surprised to learn just how valuable they are to LocknCharge; customer feedback has, in fact, influenced several of the products in our lineup. Take a look at how we gather this intel and use it to create products that save you time, money, and stress.

Overall, as we strive to make life easier for all our customers, we understand that the best way to drive new innovations and product improvement can come from no better source than our customer base. We strive towards being a partner with all of our customers, not just a vendor. All of our staff from our owners, CEO, to the warehouse team, are out in the field and working, listening and trying to improve the customer experience. Because for consumers, customer experience will become more important than price and product.

We have several processes in place to ensure we capture feedback from our customers, including:


We currently run several different surveys to understand how customers and businesses evaluating our solutions feel about them.

Customer purchase: After purchase, we send our customers a survey to find out why they selected us. This helps us better understand what features and services we need to keep as a top customer benefit, as well as those they didn’t like. Additionally, we ask each and every customer how we could improve our current offering.

Decided not to purchase: For every person who evaluated our solutions and didn’t select it, we ask them what problem they were trying to solve with the solution and the main reason they didn’t pick us.

Customer loyalty: Every month we send out surveys to our customer base to determine how happy they are with their partnership with LNC. The survey asks them to give us specific feedback on why they feel the way they do.

Support: We know there are times when people need some support. It’s a customer service fact that nine in ten Americans use service to gauge whether or not they will do business with a company.  Whether it be a product set up, query, or just some advice, whenever someone has an interaction with our support team, we send them a survey to help understand their experience and ensure we answered their questions.

These surveys provide insights about products, service and more. Every comment is reviewed and cataloged, with the aim of extracting different product improvement suggestions or pain points customers may be experiencing with our solutions. After that, our innovations team reviews the feedback and determines if we should implement some of the comments into our future enhancements. We try to understand what makes our customers happy and their life easier this helps us ensure we don’t get rid of the features that customers love!


We are proud to attend many events across the globe every year. At each one, we have the chance to interact with our customers and potential customers and hear what their needs are. If customers are having issues with our products, we track that information via our event scanners, and after the event, we can follow-up and try to fix their issues. Other times, we may adjust our product lines from the feedback.

One great example comes from the BETT show in 2018.  A customer shared their thoughts about how we could improve the lid on our Joey Cart. Due to this feedback, and other comments we heard, our product was completely remodeled and we changed the way the doors closed to make an even more ideal product for our customers. In addition to this, at some of these events, we hold a customer advisory session. The customers who attend these sessions to get a sneak peek at upcoming product launches, and they see a version of the product before it is completely finalized. We invite them to critique the product: we want the good, the bad AND the ugly. With this feedback in mind, we adjust our final design.

Great Partnerships

We are always striving for great relationships with our customers and these relationships often produce some of the best product ideas and developments. Don’t believe us? Here are two examples:

Denton ISD  wanted a wall charging station that could be mounted to the wall to reduce the amount of floor space used in a classroom. LocknCharge offered them our Carrier 10, Denton liked it, but their classroom size was bigger than 10, and they really needed a 15 unit. They had been a great LocknCharge partner and talked with us to help us understand their issue. LocknCharge added the Carrier 15 to our product line to help Denton ISD and other schools in the same situation.

Putnam City Schools – Putnam city is a long time customer of LocknCharge. They had many LocknCharge products but were having an issue with reduced space in the classroom. They came to us and drafted a product they thought would be perfect, on the back of a napkin. We agreed it would be awesome, and began working on creating the new product. Putnam City Schools acted as the beta customer and tested the new product before it was officially launched into the market. LocknCharge, now proudly sells an entire line of Putnam products, including: Putnam 16, Putnam 8 and Putnam 18-C Base.

Basket Evolution

Our basket evolution has been driven both by customer feedback as well as the need to adapt to the device landscape.  In the nine years that LocknCharge has been in the USA, we have had 5 different basket designs. Our first basket did not entirely match up to our standards and customer expectations.

Unhappy with the feedback, we designed a new basket. Both these early baskets were designed to accommodate 10 iPads.

We soon partnered with Samsung and realized that our baskets would not work with their devices due to power plug location on the device.  In response, we designed a more universal basket to work with all tablets.

Feedback on this basket was much more positive, yet we still had customers suggesting that they would like a smaller basket that held fewer devices. We subsequently designed a smaller, 5 unit basket, and incorporated colors.

Once more, this was great for tablets, but the arrival of Chromebooks soon made obvious the need for a basket that would work with 11”-13” notebook style devices. We think you can see where this is going: a new basket was designed!

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LocknCharge takes a lot of pride in listening to our customers and utilizing their feedback to develop and improve their products. We always have our pulse on the industry, and that helps us continue to evolve and stay relevant in education, retail, healthcare, manufacturing and more!

Schedule a live video demo with a LocknCharge team member to get a closer look at how our products help make your life easier.

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Edgerton School District Delivers Big Impact through STEM Program

Edgerton, Wisconsin is a small town of just over 5,500 people; with a school system that boasts well rounded and accomplished graduates year after year. A system committed to academics, well-maintained facilities, arts, athletics and, of course, technology.

The district, made up of four schools, not only remains up-to-date with technological developments but also paves the way for students to incorporate tech into their learning. Students are using mobile devices to be introduced to computer coding skills, app development, math strategies, presentation display, and Internet safety.

There are two Elementary STEM Centers in Edgerton – learning spaces for students in grades K-5 to experience Science, Technology, Engineering and Math curriculum. These learning experiences encourage problem-solving and critical thinking and serve children at the universal level – meaning they’ve been carefully developed to give students flexibility, empowerment and ultimately, an equal opportunity to succeed.

One of the teachers leading the charge is Sheila Fox. “We are hoping to encourage children to use mobile devices in a smart and safe way and also to expose them to the advantages that devices can have on their learning environment,” said Fox.

Sphero robots are one of the educational tools Fox and her colleagues are utilizing to give students a variety of learning modes with visual, tactile and auditory applications. 

With new technology comes new responsibility and logistics. When the Edgerton School District staff first introduced Sphero robots to their STEM Experiences, charging and safety were their top concerns. They needed to maintain safe, student-friendly learning stations. They also knew they’d need to share and transport the devices between the two Centers and beyond.

The Sphero Charging Case™ by LocknCharge is tailored precisely to these needs. It accommodates up to six Sphero BOLT or Sphero SPRK+ robots, along with their inductive charging bases, tools and accessories in a compact and neat hand-held container. 

“The Charging Case has been exactly what we were hoping. It has allowed a safe space for storage and is very versatile to move from one classroom space to another learning environment,” said Fox.

The Case prevents unwanted clutter and tripping hazards that exposed cords can create, which is vital in classrooms that are often tight to begin with. Open architecture design lets you see that all devices are in place, which in turn means they’ll be charged and ready to work, learn and play.

Strong aluminum, a keyed lock and a lifetime warranty are matched with a lightweight, compact design easy enough for children to carry around, which helps get them ready to work, learn and play, too.

Learn more about the Sphero Charging Case.

You can download the PDF of the case study here.

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TechDen Helps Families Decrease Screen Time

LocknCharge has been around since 1998 and has expanded to so many important industries like healthcare, retail, hospitality and more. TechDen is the brainchild of LocknCharge CEO James Symons and aims to transform how families manage devices in their home.

Did you know: The average smartphone user checks their phone 47 times a day? That’s 17,155 times a year!

With stats like this, there’s no denying that there is a serious smartphone addiction – especially among kids and teens.TechDen - Managing Screen Time

Because of this, parents all over are looking for methods to cut down on their family’s screen time. This is where Tech Den comes in.

The Den is a physical, in-home charging station in which families can give their smartphones a time out. In addition to the charging station, the Den offers an app that families can use to set boundaries and screen time expectations. The main goal of this product is to avoid the pitfalls of constant distractions and smartphone usage.

When setting up screen-time sessions with the Den, parents are able to choose when their kids are allowed to use their device and for how long – up to an hour. Even if a session is not active, the Den remains locked and children do not have access to devices.

The charging station works alongside an app, which is activated when the smartphone is in use and starts a timer via notifications. When screen time is up, the child will receive a notification that the device needs to be returned to the Den, and if it is not returned within 5 minutes, parents will receive a notification.

James Symons says: “When creating the Den, our focus was not on taking away screen time for kids, but rather to promote a positive balance between screen time and family time.”

The Den is compatible with both iOS and Android Smartphones and tablets and can store and charge two devices at once. It has two doors which open and close independently and includes easy storing and access to devices.

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Too Little Time? Too Little Space? Too Little Funding? New Products at FETC & TCEA

LocknCharge to launch its new range of charge and store devices aimed at saving time, space and funding for schools, at FETC and TCEA 2019.

LocknCharge is committed to making teachers’ lives easier by manufacturing high-quality solutions for syncing, charging, transporting, securing and storing iPads, Chromebooks, tablets and other mobile devices.

On booth 1113 at FETC 2019 and at booth 837 at TCEA, LocknCharge will showcase its innovative new range of multi-device charging stations and storage stations and portable baskets aimed at making teachers lives easier.

Does your school have too little time, too little space, too little funding? Whether it is affordability, flexibility or ease of use, LocknCharge has a superior range of options for any school seeking real-life answers to their storage and device management problems.  

Currently facilitating deployments in over 30 countries worldwide, LocknCharge has had major Global success in the education sector with their unique charging systems. LocknCharge recognizes that not all schools are the same.  That is why they offer a multitude of different storage and charging solutions to suit any educational establishment.

LocknCharge is world famous for its unique and innovative basket designs, which keep tablets safe and reduce the time spent by teachers in distributing devices, as well as the time spent by children queuing up to put them away in a traditional cabinet style solution. This means teaching can happen faster – saving over two weeks of instructional time per cart each year!

Other common problems in schools include a lack of available space, and with a choice of stations complete with a small footprint, and lightweight frame, a school can easily install smaller units to the floor, wall or desk to save valuable footprint.   

LocknCharge will be launching their Putnam 18-C Base, FUYL Tower 15, and their new Joey 30 & 40 carts at FETC and TCEA.

The Putnam 18-C Base Charging station is designed to individually store, charge and secure up to 18 Chromebook or small laptops.  The Charging Station is extremely easy to cable and set up. Plus, with numbered slots for each device, teachers can easily know which slots are available and can assign them easily. For larger schools, two or more units can be stacked, while still remaining ultra-small on footprint. With an integrated mechanical combination lock too, there are no keys to worry about either.

Appreciating that budget is a genuine concern for many districts who do not want to compromise on choosing the right cart, locker or charging station for their schools. Also on show are the newly designed Joey 30 & 40 carts – that have been completely revamped from customer feedback! Fold flat doors, an innovative power management system and a more neutral color.  The Joey range is designed for schools to enjoy the education-focused designs that LocknCharge is known for, at a more entry-level price for a cart.   

LocknCharge will also be debuting the FUYL Tower 15, a charging tower that takes charging and security to a whole new level. With 15 individually lockable compartments, the FUYL Tower 15 can store and charge any mobile device your school may have in almost any type of workflow – check in/check out, loaner programs or individual student charging. FUYL Tower 15 is an Intelligent Asset Management (™) product, that once connected allows admins to view, access and manage a tower remotely. The Tower is RFID and active directory ready and features three operating modes to meet any type of workflow needed.

James Symons, CEO of LocknCharge, says: “LocknCharge products keep devices safe and charged, and always ready for use. Schools all have differing needs and our new products provide an even wider range of options to fit any type of device deployment. Whether a school is faced with too little time, too little budget or too little space – we have something that can help resolve each of these problems. We are pleased to be able to offer solutions to our customers and new visitors alike at FETC 2019.”

Something also to watch out for in 2019 is TechDen™ – the new LocknCharge brand for parents to help manage screen time at home.  

For more information on LocknCharge, please visit their website at

To learn more about TechDen, please visit their website at

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Reducing Paper. Reducing Recidivism. U.S. Prisons Putting Tablets into Secure Circulation.


More than half of all prisoners will be rearrested within three years of their release according to the National Bureau of Justice statistics on recidivism. Look inside the nation’s prisons and jails and you’ll find 2.2 million men and women serving time for the crimes they’ve committed, but you’ll also find some of the men and women most committed to making positive change. Take for instance teams of leaders, officers and IT professionals who have taken on the huge undertaking of bringing secure tablet technology programs to their prisoners.

Utilizing Edovo tablets and software, agencies across the country are bringing daily access to education, rehabilitation, and communication to their correctional facilities. With pre-loaded Edovo tablets, users unlock access to games, movies and other entertainment by progressing through free educational, vocational and life-skill training modules.

The goals behind these initiatives are ample; to promote positive change in offender behavior, to provide a sense of normalcy and reentry readiness, and to increase efficiency while helping move facilities closer to paperless processes. Even with the potential to make such a significant impact, these programs never make it past the drawing board without first establishing effective security measures.


Developing a deployment plan for such a large base of shared users is a challenge in and of itself. Considering the added risks that come within a prison system, security is the paramount concern. So when an agency is looking at bringing Edovo tablets into a facility, they are simultaneously looking for the safest, most secure table charging station for charging and storing them as well.


With durable construction, two-point locking systems and optional floor-mounting anchor kits to safeguard a fleet of tablets, LocknCharge Charging Carts™ are an essential piece of a successful implementation. Device Baskets by LocknCharge help keep things organized and easy to distribute, collect and assess any missing pieces.

The effortless mobility of the carts allows prison staff to roll devices from one unit to another and back to their storage hub for cleaning, charging and letting software updates run overnight. The Carts include unique, secure cabling systems that ensure cords can’t be easily removed and used to charge contraband smartphones.

Edovo’s prison tablet program also allows for increased efficiency of communication among inmate populations and employees. When time-consuming forms are digitized, staff are able to spend more time focused on managing people instead of paperwork. That’s an important benefit, considering inmates often find themselves with an abundance of idle time. Being able to successfully incentivize good behavior with the use of tablets is game changing. Thanks to secure solutions from LocknCharge, these programs are possible.

Agencies nationwide are seeing inmates choose to learn new languages or master new skills through access to the Edovo software platform. The exposure to current technology alone is helpful, too. Inmates will leave knowing how to navigate digital interfaces, apply for jobs online and avoid falling behind our ever-changing digital society. They’re given the tools and opportunity to make positive changes on their own time, and they’re using them.

Download the case study here.

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