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Charging Lockers for the French Mobile Ban

This month, as students head back after the summer break, schools in France have been busy implementing a mobile phone ban, which has come into force after a new law was passed forbidding the use of phones, tablets and smart watches by children on school playgrounds and at break times – or in other words, as soon as children arrive at school until the end of the day when they leave.

French President Emmanuel Macron made it clear from his election campaign that he wanted to outlaw children’s phones in nursery, primary and middle-schools (or until around the age of 15), in what he called a ‘detox’ law for a younger generation that was increasingly becoming addicted to screens. Legislation was already passed in 2010 stating that children should not use phones in class. Now that phones are banned anywhere on the school premises, his political party says that children have the legal ‘right to disconnect’ from digital pressures throughout their school day.

It is hoped that the ban will help children make friends more easily and help to tackle online bullying during school time. It could also encourage children to be more physically active at break time.

With more than 90% of French children aged between 12 and 17 now owning a mobile phone, it has long been debated how these devices should be managed in schools. Opposing parties have questioned how French schools are going to successfully enforce the ban, and it has been left up to individual schools to decide how to deal with it.

A key recommendation from politicians to schools is the use of lockers – in the same way that Government ministers place their phone in a box before cabinet meetings, they think children should place their mobiles in some sort of secure multi device charging station. Because the new law will still allow mobile phones to be brought into schools, teachers need to find a way of securing and storing them so that they can be kept safely away from individual students.

An ideal solution would be the FUYL Tower charging locker from LocknCharge – an intelligent powered locker designed to individually store, charge and secure almost any mobile device, including mobile phones. Through a simple and easy to use secure digital locking system, children can charge and secure their devices until they collect them at the end of the day. Teachers can rest assured that mobiles will be ‘surrendered’ at the beginning of the school day, there is a much lesser chance of devices being either lost or stolen, and children have the added benefit of leaving school with a fully charged phone.

The FUYL Tower is made up of 15 compartments that throughout a school day can service up to 100 students. Children enter a four-digit PIN from the digital keypad, and the FUYL Tower will automatically allocate an available compartment. They then insert and connect their device (USB or outlet), close the compartment and enter the four-digit PIN again. The same four-digit PIN re-opens the compartment when the student comes to collect their device later.

Where the FUYL Tower becomes unique is in what it can do ‘behind the scenes’. Teachers have control to remote access admin, where they have the opportunity to see how many locker compartments are occupied or available in real-time. If a student forgets their PIN, teachers can unlock compartments from a remote location. The FUYL Tower provides schools with a full audit trail and time-stamped events. For schools who are concerned about budgets, they will know how often the FUYL Tower is used, when it is used and more. This intelligent data logging and statistical analysis is unique to LocknCharge and will help schools to make future purchasing decisions. Staff can use the ‘master override’ options to control the FUYL Tower both on-site and off-site, safely and securely.

What about mobile phone use in schools around the world?

 Not every country believes mobile phones are a hindrance to learning – in fact, in 2015 the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, lifted a 10-year ban on phones on school premises to ‘enable parents to stay in touch with their children’ and ‘end the inequity under the current ban, which was enforced mostly at schools with metal detectors in low-income communities’.

In the UK, school policies on mobile devices vary massively, from outright bans to some teachers actually encouraging personal phones and tablets to be used as part of lessons. In fact, a ‘bring your own device’ (or BYOD) scheme can be a fantastic cost-saving solution, with 29% of UK secondary schools now having some form of BYOD in place and a further 26% exploring it.* Some schools choose to ban phone usage amongst younger students, but let older students use them as a way of treating them as responsible users. Some teachers encourage students to take pictures, do some filming or look something up with their own mobiles.

In this case, the FUYL Tower is the ideal solution for children who are turning up to school with mobiles and tablets that need charging. Gone are the days of children sitting by plug sockets, charging their devices while using them!

Ultimately, we are sure that as technology is constantly evolving, policy may change in the future. To ensure our unit is ‘future proofed’, FUYL Towers are upgradable so that schools can benefit from software/firmware updates as the product evolves. Only time will tell the effect the French mobile ban will have on its future generation.

 For more information about the use of the LocknCharge FUYL Tower in schools, click here.


*Research by RM Education



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Cullen Diesel Power Ltd. Mechanics Get Recharged | LocknCharge

September 12, 2018  |  Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

With a diverse and young population of more than 500,000, growing by approximately 1,000 new residents each month, the city of Surrey, British Columbia asserts, “the future lives here.” Perhaps that’s why Cullen Diesel Power, Ltd. is a perfect fit. The multi-faceted power company with a lean IT department puts a focus on technology and its smooth, seamless integration into their work.


A mechanic’s shop is not exactly the ideal location for keeping expensive devices clean, organized and in working order. It’s a rough environment; heavy equipment, grease and other liquids, along with trucks rolling in and out, all contribute to the hazardous conditions.

So when the mechanics at Cullen Diesel Power Ltd. were relying on a community stash of laptops to run diagnostics in the shop, they were running into some roadblocks. Devices were getting damaged, they were being left unplugged and therefore uncharged and unusable, they were being taken home for personal use or lost altogether.

The Solution

After comparing a couple of different charging solutions and weighing the IT needs along with those of the service manager, Cullen Power Diesel Ltd. landed on the LocknCharge FUYL Tower Charging Locker; two of them, actually. They found a space centrally located in the shop, for the multi-device charge station. This multi-device charging station makes checking out and returning laptops to their individual lockers simple and convenient. Now each mechanic has been assigned a specific device, a compartment inside the FUYL Tower and an access code for their assigned compartment.


Just as everyone is responsible for their own toolbox, they’re also responsible for their own laptop. The accountability has helped tremendously with improved care for the devices as well as streamlined workflow. The FUYL Tower ensure that laptops are charged and ready for use as soon as the mechanics need them, saving time and ultimately saving money for customers. The IT staff appreciates the convenience of being able to quickly and remotely open any locker if a code is forgotten.

Additionally, there’s a much easier workflow as the same data will follow the same vehicle throughout any routine inspection, maintenance and provincial commercial vehicle inspection, to computer diagnostics and complete component overhauls. With everything more systematized, each laptop has been paired with its own Bluetooth adapter so mechanics don’t always need a corded connection to the trucks they’re working on. This alone has been saving many broken USB ports.

It’s still a rough environment for laptops–that goes without saying–but none of their stored devices have been damaged since the FUYL Tower arrived about a year ago.

The IT experts at the shop in Surrey are happy with the results. They have been alleviated, spending less time fixing and replacing, which allows more time to grow and evolve. They’ve added a third FUYL Tower to the collection, giving them space to simultaneously charge 45 devices – laptops, tablets, mobile phones and more are all compatible. Looking toward the future, they may be implementing FUYL Towers into shops at five other locations.

To download a PDF of this white paper, click here.

To schedule a live demo with an expert problem solver at LocknCharge, click here. They will help guide you to the right charging multi device charging station for your mobile device deployment.

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Best Practices For Using iPads in the Restaurant Industry

switching to an ipad restaurant can provide better customer service and streamlined workflow | LocknCharge

iPads in the Restaurant Industry

The deployment of mobile devices throughout the hospitality industry is quickly expanding. 86% of organizations are currently in the research or pilot phase of deployment, with many implementing mobile devices with the goal of improving communications, reducing costs or increasing revenues.

Would it surprise you to learn that 73% of organizations fail to plan how they’ll centrally charge and secure those devices, limiting their program’s ability to achieve intended results? This list of best practices for using mobiles devices like iPads in the restaurant industry will help you succeed in your mobile device rollout.

Improve communication between front-of-house and back-of-house. Providing accurate orders to back-of-house staff is an absolute must, and is hard to do unless your devices are charged. Centralized, secure charging sets up this communication by arming employees with a ready-to-use device. Make sure your employees always know where to find a fully-charged device. An tablet and iPad charging station such as the iQ 10 Sync Charge Station is the perfect solution.

Increase customer satisfaction. Mobile devices can offer customers an improved experience and allow you to gain customer insights. Your staff will be able to solve customer issues quickly and effectively, as well as offer flexible payment options on the iPad or mobile devices. In fact, Apple Pay usage grew 50% in 2017, with more and more customers looking to utilize it in restaurants and stores. According to QSR Magazine, iPads also allow servers to “walk around the dining room, input orders, and collect payment from individual customers. The food can be delivered directly to the table much as it is in many fast-casual establishments already”, which is why they’re so popular among staff and customers alike. By ensuring a smooth mobile deployment plan, your restaurant will be able to meet customer demands while avoiding the hiccups of modernization.

Make sure you always know where your devices are, and keep them locked up when they’re not in use.  A secure charging station lowers your per-employee cost by reducing the number of lost or stolen devices–ultimately positively affecting your bottom line. Misplaced and uncharged devices can lead to lost productivity and missed sales opportunities. Tablets in the back-of-house are also at risk of damage from hazardous foods and materials, so providing secure storage options for staff is the greatest way to prevent issues further down the line.

Improve efficiency in back-of-house. Using mobile devices to fulfill orders is the best way to stay organized. Chefs can quickly peek at what’s needed next, and can mark a meal as complete with just a swipe. Tablets can assist with inventory management, so food costs remain low and staff can be sure there are enough ingredients for the day’s menu items. As long as they have a fully-charged device ready to go, they’ll be more efficient than ever.

Use the mobile devices for more than just orders. Show your visitors photos of the food they’re ordering, have them look at an online menu, and even request positive online restaurant reviews via your mobile devices. Use your mobile devices to the fullest extent they can be used, so you can get the largest return on investment.

LocknCharge products are secure, efficient, and leave a small footprint. We have solutions to meet any of your charging and storage needs, along with durable products and lifetime warranties. To find the right device for you, visit

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