Dear Absolutely Incredible Kids, We Think You’re Amazing


There’s a day to honor mothers, and another to celebrate fathers, even turtles have their own holiday. Did you know that fabulous kids now have a special day to call their own? Absolutely Incredible Kids Day® is celebrated annually on the third Thursday in March. On this day, millions of people take the time to tell a young person what makes them spectacular. It doesn’t matter whether you are a teacher, parent, social worker, coach, or volunteer, the special kiddo in your life will appreciate it when you let them know why they’re so amazing. Here are just a few of the ways you can show your love and support through a simple act of kindness:

Writing a letter
Posting a picture or video on social media
Sending a text message
Sticking a note in their lunch box
Drawing a picture

It doesn’t matter how you do it, just that you do it! If you’re not sure where to start, check out our letter to the absolutely incredible kids in classrooms around the world. Or here’s where you can find writing tips, ideas, and examples from Camp Fire.

Here is our letter to the absolutely incredible kids out there:



[i] The Story of Louis Braille – Paths to Literacy

[ii] Cellphone Medical Test Wins NPR's 'Big Idea' Contest – NPR

[iii] Provo student pays over $8 thousand of student lunch debt – ABC4

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Powering Smart Manufacturing with Intelligent Asset Management

Businesses up and down the supply chain are undergoing a digital transformation. Everything from work orders to pick and pack checklists are being converted to digital formats as distribution centers, pet food manufacturers, and fast-food operators go paperless. As part of this digital revolution, iPads and industrial tablets are deployed in manufacturing facilities to speed up transactions, complete jobs more quickly, and create more efficient workflows. Once used by consumers to read ebooks, more and more employees on shop floors are getting work assignments and making sense of information with smart devices.  

Offering mobility and real-time data visibility to workers in the manufacturing and service industries equates to time savings and cost reductions. Here are just a few real-world examples:  

Bearing and seal manufacturing company SKF witnessed productivity 
gains of
 from engineering staff armed with tablets. [1]
Office Depot Inc. has saved some 
hours per year
 in order-entry time by digitizing orders and transmitting them to the warehouse floor for processing on iPads. [2] 
Tablets and Technology at  Chick-fil-A allows cars to move through
than they do at a traditional speaker box drive-thru. [3] 

The Challenges of Mobile Devices

Maintenance engineers awaiting repair requests and drive through attendants taking customer orders have the same challenge. Devices must be readily available and charged when their shifts start. If iPads and tablets are uncharged, lost, or broken, employees can’t perform their jobs, and companies lose time and money. When a device is down, your business loses both productivity and the capability of speeding up transactions.  

Like other work-related tools, if you’re using a smart device to perform your day-to-day job, you’re probably not taking it home at the end of your shiftSo it needs a place to be stored securely, and inmany cases, be connected and accessible for essential updates. Devices that aren’t physically secured are at an increased risk for data breaches. Are you willing to take the chance that your devices won’t be compromised? Losing valuable intellectual property and confidential data can cause a severe business disruption resulting in penalties, reputation damage and wasted employee time.  

You can throw money at your mobile device challenges by hiring more people, creating more manual workarounds, or outsourcing the issue altogetherbut what if you could avoid many of these road blocks and costs from the start? While it may not be possible to eradicate system and equipment issues, there are solutions to decrease device downtimeWatch how organizations overcome organizational challenges by leveraging the FUYL Tower by LocknCharge. An intelligent asset management system that charges, stores, secures, and manages assets for most mobile devices. 

Keep Your Mobile Workforce Going with Smart Charging Lockers

The FUYL Tower comes in two sizes of either 5 or 15 individually-lockable compartments. Here’s how this solution eliminates many of the manual workflow processes of shared device programs:  

Check-in/Check-out Program 

At the start of each shiftworkers use their assigned PINs or RFID badges to open an assigned locker and retrieve a device. At the end of the day, they put their devices back in a locker, where they will be charged and kept secure. In addition to physical security, the FUYL Tower’s embedded computer automatically applies security software updates as they become available. This feature ensures that for Towers connected to a network, security software is up to date and more prepared against cyber attacks. Easy peasy 

Device Loaner Program 

What happens if a device goes missing, encounters a fatal error, or gets damaged during a shift? With an additional tower for “hot spares,” no time is lost getting devices into the hands of workers who need them. Your employees can simply use a PIN or swipe their RFID badge and be on their way with a loaner device for the day. The only time taken from an IT Member’s or a media specialist’s day is providing the PIN or RFID access. Alternatively, through the use of API, automation rules that work best for your business can be created to help streamline device management for check in check out, break/fix, loaner devices, etc. 

Read more about how to keep working devices in the hands of staff while balancing time, resources and budget 

Seamless Integration of Existing Software

The key feature that allows the FUYL Tower to overcome organizational challenges is our API, which allows seamless integration of existing software and business processes. Incorporate FUYL Towers easily into your existing IT infrastructure with remote access and Tower administration via an Intelligent Management Platform. FUYL Towers are network enabled, and an optional Network Kit can expand network capability to each individual compartment to enable device updates and re-imaging while securely stored within the FUYL Tower.  

To put it simply, because the Tower can communicate with the devices inside, updates can be made remotely. For example, our API allows you to send work orders to specific devices as they sit securely in a locker overnightso your workers are ready to start their day without missing a beat 

If you’re curious how an Intelligent Asset Management System® could integrate into your operational workflow, we’re here to help. LocknCharge exists to make life easier for the users of mobile technology by creating solutions that ensure accessibility and usability of devices at all times. Get in touch with LocknCharge 


[1] Smart Devices Help ‘Smartify’ Manufacturing Industry – Quality Magazine

[2] Is that an iPad in your warehouse? – Supply Chain Quarterly

[3] How Does Chick-fil-A’s Drive-Thru Move So Fast? – The Chicken Wire

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Improve Your Attendees’ Event Experience with Easy Access to Secure Charging

“ Where can I charge my phone? Is there a power point around here? ” 

These are the two most popular questions asked of event staff working at the Perth Conference and Exhibition Centre in WA. Followed closely by “What’s for lunch?” 

Perth Conference Blog

When we’re away from home, traveling, or out and about, many of us spend way too much time worrying about where we can charge our phones. Especially while at a conference trying to get critical work done, using apps that quickly drain batteries. Who hasn’t had that dreaded feeling of despair upon seeing a low battery alert, or felt the anxiety of watching your power drop under 10%, knowing that it’s not even noon and you have a full day ahead? Fulfilling the need to charge our phones is universal, undeniable, and at times unattainable.

The obvious solution is to plug your device into a power socket when it requires recharging. But most buildings aren’t outfitted with enough power points to meet our ever-increasing demand. If you’re lucky enough to find an inconveniently located place to charge, you’d better be up to the challenge of sitting on the floor for half an hour just to get some juice while guarding your phone. That is, assuming you had the foresight to bring along your power adapter.

One remedy for event organizers to meet the charging needs of their attendees is to install additional outlets. But infrastructure updates are costly. Also, outlets don’t provide any protection against breakage or theft. As you can imagine, a convention hall floor is not the safest spot to store a device.

Reacting to this common problem, the team at Seven West Media and Arinex event solutions, the organizers of the hugely successful Resources Technology Showcase 2019, teamed up with LocknCharge to come up with an innovative solution. Mobile device charging lockers were deployed at three strategic locations throughout the show: one on the main exhibition floor for the 6,000 attendees, one in the Seven West Media Hub for journalists and reporters, and one for the keynote speaker sessions allowing the resources sector executives to stay connected.

Perth Conference FUYL Tower

Easy to use and accessible, FUYL Tower 15 Charging Stations provide an ideal solution to a growing problem. Towers can be stationed in open public areas where they’re needed most. Working much in the same way as a hotel safe, users choose a locker and assign a PIN to store and charge their device safely. Each compartment is equipped with a power outlet and a 2.4 amp USB port, which charges almost any device, including iPads, tablets, laptops, mobile phones, Chromebooks and more. Fast charging capability, while devices are securely locked away, provide much-needed relief from the angst caused by a dead phone. Charging stations can also save money by eliminating the need to install new power points. 

Perth Conference FUYL Tower Wrap
Conveniently located, the Towers were in constant use throughout the Resources Technology Showcase and proved to be a real hit with delegates and staff. 


This additional resource added a level of comfort and flexibility for visitors, further enhancing their experience. While we can’t help with your lunch menu, we can help provide the answer to your event’s most common questions about charging and power points. If you would like to learn more about having charging stations at your event, please contact us here.

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Charging Up Conservation Efforts at ZSL London Zoo


For nearly 200 years, the London Zoo has made studying and conserving wildlife their number one priority. As the world’s oldest scientific zoo, situated within a Royal Park, the London Zoo draws far more attention for its historical significance than its cutting-edge technology. It also draws a lot of tourists. And with tourists, come mobile devices.



After witnessing several visitors fall victim to the same battery-draining mishaps, ZSL’s interim retail manager, Alison Lumsden, had an idea. She could improve and modernize the customer experience, and raise more money for conservation efforts in one move: a device charging kiosk.

“We are a charity. We don’t receive government funding. So nearly every penny we make goes back into conservation, and we are always looking for ways to generate extra funding,” said Alison. 

She set out to find this paid device-charging amenity she had in mind, and at RetailEXPO, she met LocknCharge customer success manager Craig Foster. Together, they made it a reality. After a series of conversations about the goals for this project, they landed on a FUYL Tower Charging Locker as the ideal phone charging station solution. The FUYL Tower features 15 individually lockable compartments that can accommodate anything from mobile phones to laptops.


Unlike some of the alternatives such as portable charging batteries, the FUYL Tower stays put. It’s right where you leave it every time. Additionally, Alison liked being able to customize the Tower to fit her retail space. Their custom wrap and signage include step-by-step instructions for using a locker along with pricing for the locker and cord rentals. The Tower matches the ZSL brand seamlessly.

With intelligent remote management, the FUYL Tower puts the zoo staff in control of assigning specific compartments to single users. Admins can remotely open doors, deny access to a reserved locker, and stay on top of any abnormal usage or technical faults. The digital keypad controls compartment security and gives visitors peace of mind to leave devices behind as they wander the grounds.

When the FUYL Tower lockable charging station was delivered to its spot in the gift shop adjacent to the zoo’s exit, it was unboxed, assembled and immediately put to the test to figure out which of Alison’s four operational ideas would work best. Zoo staff and LocknCharge representatives worked as a team to make sure they had addressed every worst-case scenario. They had the Tower up and running in less than a day. Also exceeding expectations: the Tower’s profitability. They’ve had a steady flow of zoo visitors putting the FUYL Tower to use.

“I was very impressed with Craig and the whole team. Everyone was super helpful, and that partnership is really important to me. I’d give customer service at LocknCharge a 10 out of 10,” said Alison.

To download a PDF of the London Zoo Case Study, click here.

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